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Niagara’s South Coast is known for having plenty to do and plays host to many spectacular Festivals & Events throughout the year. There is also an event every weekend all summer! A variety of signature experiences from Fire & Water, to celebrity chefs and food festival explosions, we offer something for everyone’s enjoyment. Tall ships, period costumes, and a festival of friendship between the U.S. and Fort Erie, make us a great place to visit. Come celebrate with us! 

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Named one of the Top 100 Festivals and Events in Ontario, the 29th Annual Fort Erie Friendship Festival celebrates on both sides of the border (Fort Erie, ON and Buffalo, NY) over the course of three days with a variety of events including concert series, midway, food vendors, merchandise tents, performers, demonstrations, contests, a “Family Zone” , artists, and so much more!

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Our city's signature festival event: a celebration of the Welland Canal, St. Lawrence Seaway, Tall Ships, lakers, vessels of all descriptions! Stroll the Port Promendade along West Street and the canal for shops, restaurants, art activities, music, street vendors, buskers. City-wide fun for the whole family. 

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Discover Ridgeway year round from their Summer Festival, Fall Festival and Spirit of Christmas!

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Fresh From The Farm!

Go Local! Dine in the sunshine! Pick and be choosy about your farm fresh goodness! It isn’t just a trend visiting farmers markets these days, it is a social event, a cultural affair and even more importantly, a culinary must! Niagara’s South Coast has a variety of fruit stands and farmers’ markets in Welland, Port Colborne and Ridgeway (Fort Erie). 

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