Welland Canal

Along the Welland Canal is where you can find tranquil walkways and bicycling paths, nature’s most beautiful gifts and even some of Niagara’s most spectacular annual festivals and events. What you will be sure to see anytime you visit the South Coast canal channels are famous historic plaques and monuments as well as some of the most stunning view corridors in all the Peninsula.

The active shipping canal is an engineering marvel, designed to allow ships to bypass Niagara Falls and the the Niagara Escarpment. It brings huge ships from around the world past the historic downtown shopping district of Port Colborne and visitors can get within feet of these The Port Promenade is great for ship watching and afternoon strolls. At Lock 8, one of the longest locks in the world, a viewing platform gives an elevated view of the canal. Just steps away from the Visitor Centre, the park setting with pavilion is great for watching the passing ships.

Further north in Welland a new canal was constructed in 1973 to bypass the downtown area. The now Welland Recreation Waterway is a popular fishing spot featuring beautiful scenery and several notable sights. Part of the old canal has been transformed into a world class flatwater course that hosts dragonboat championships and the 2015 Pan Am Games.

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Come out for Canal Days - an annual celebration of the Welland Canal in Port Colborne.

Merritt Island Trail

Along the Welland Recreation Waterway lies a local treasure and recreational park known as Merritt Island. Along Merritt Island there is a gorgeous trail which sits along the bank of the canal. On the island, visitors will find themselves on a long tree-lined path overlooking the still-waters of the Welland River and the Welland Recreational Waterway, a scenic display of a once vital gateway for large ships.

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